About the School

Our mission is to make great leadership skills accessible to everyone.

To date we have trainined over 5000 people to become better leaders.

We have been recognized by Corporate Inbsisghts as 2021 Top International Leadeship Development Consultants, and our signature program, Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass, is fully accredidited by Institute of Leadership and Management.

Our teachings are not just dry academic theory, but practical and pragmatic technicques that have been proven deliver sustainable results and help create high performance cultures.


Loved Gordon’s Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass, it provided great insights many of which I was able to implement simply and quickly into my leadership

Trevor Leahy

Consultant Fujitsu

“Recently I have taken a Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass, it was a great course and the trainer was really on top of the game. I couldn’t agree more on the vitality of coaching, engagement and reward recognition in boosting productivity and driving desired behaviours. Gordon is really experienced and skilful trainer!” 
Saly Lor Chief Operating Officer at JTrust Royal Bank

Gordon presented the material in a simple, easy to understand manner with clear actionable takeaways for the group which made it very effective.

Nawal Chishty

Senior Advisor, Stakeholder Relations at Ontario Power Generation


Gordon is one of those rare leaders you only hope to know in your career. Gordon's leadership knowledge and business savvy are unmatched in any industry. I have personally learned a lifetime of lessons from him in the relatively short time I have known him. His selfless personality and desire to give back, coach and mentor is what truly makes Gordon special.

Ryan Waters Vice President Operations Pulse Clinical Alliance 

I believe this training will transform our leadership skills and help us to bring fundamental changes to the National Switch of Ethiopia

Yilebes Addis

CEO EthSwitch

Gordon put on a leadership workshop that was the perfect for our group as it gave us the basic understanding we needed on what makes organizations go from good to great. We are really excited and can't wait to implement the lessons that Gordon has taught us into our organization to help make it grow strong in both the short term and the long term.

Karim Noujaim Founder of DatTwenty.com

About Gordon

Gordon has over 30 years of senior leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies where he successfully delivered complex $100m projects, run $300m departments, and led global teams of 1000 staff. He has helped clients reduce operational costs by $350m, increase performance by 50%-500%, and helped entrepreneurs triple their revenue in just 12 months.


Now, Gordon is an award-winning author and highly sought-after keynote speaker on Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Operational Excellence. He’s been recognized by Global Gurus as a ‘Top 10 Leadership Expert, Speaker Trainer’, He has written 3 books on leadership and over 2000 articles, and his work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fortune, CEO World, Chicago Tribune and Addicted 2Success, and his articles have been translated into 21 languages.

Gordon attributes the majority of his success to the ‘power of simplicity’ and his ability to create simple plans and approaches that people believe, that gives them confidence and

often leave them feeling inspired to achieve amazing results. 

This is the essence of Gordon's leadership approach and what he looks to teach teams and the thousands of leaders that he has trained, mentored, and coached.